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The sun is shining as bright as it possibly can, while Kiba and Kumba are enjoying a lazy day on their treehouse patio. It’s going to be a lovely day.

Suddenly a scream! There seems to be someone in need of help! Kumba is in shock and doesn’t know what is hitting him!

Not far from them Mother Elephant is staring desperately down into a deep trench. What could have happened there?

Oh no, it’s her little daughter who plopped into that hole. Now that’s a dilemma!

Even with her really long trunk she is not able to pull her little one out of there. What can we possibly do here??

Only a second later, Mother Elephant lands on her back with a loud bang, as her trunk slips from that of her daughter.

“Let me handle this!” says Kumba, who observed the situation. He bristles with self-confidence.

“Look at me, strongest of the strong!” The other animals seem fairly impressed.

He pulls the little elephants trunk as hard as he can. It’s almost done.

But Kumba is not strong enough and as he lets go of the baby elephant, she flops back into the hole.

Exhausted and dissappointed, Kumba falls flat on his back.

“What is going on here?” Kiba doesn’t understand, what she is seeing.

“Kiba, Kiba!”, the parrot is croaking. “The baby elephant fell into a trench and we don’t know how to get her out of there!”

“Then why don’t you work together and form a chain of animals to pull her out?” What a clever idea from Kiba.

Kumba needs a little moment to think this through, but then he says: “As a team, that could work!”

Together will the other animals, Kiba and Kumba form a long chain.

In the front there is Kumba, held by his legs by Mama Elephant. All the other animals are helping to pull, no matter how small. Even the turtle.

Again, Kumba grabds the little elephant by his trunk, but this time he has the strength of all of his friends combined.

With combined powers, it is only a matter of seconds, before the little one can escape this dark hole.

A last “Heave Ho!” and - with a little rugged thud - the elephant is free and back on solid jungle ground again.

“WOOHOO!” Kiba can’t help but jump for joy.

Finally Mama Elephant can cuddle with her little baby again. This was a great team effort!

Who would have thought that this was going to be such an exciting day? Time for a big banana shake for everyone!